A Teenager’s Declaration of Independence

A Teenager’s Declaration of Independence

Preamble: Due to recent incidents and arguments caused by unwanted and unnecessary rules and restrictions, it becomes necessary for one person to attempt to find a solution. When such disagreements are at hand, it is only natural for that person to request changes in the disciplinary system. This is why this declaration is being written today.

Declaration of Natural Rights

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that teenagers should be able to explore and rebel freely how they feel is the right path for them, and that they undeniably have the right to preach to whom they want how they want, and that food, shelter, clothing and other things to certify the teen’s well-being and happiness are given with little to no discussion.

The teen also has the right to express themselves through physical means and pierce. The piercing in question would of course be professionally and safely done with a parent present, and would be taken care of in full responsibility by the teen. Tattoos should also be granted- however, the teen who wants the tattoo must select it six months prior and wait with the selected tattoo, so to be certain that the tattoo is definitely the one they choose for the rest of their life.

Teenagers should also have the right to dress how they choose. The parents have a 10% say in what the teenager wears, however if the teenager’s will to wear the specified item is strong, parents shall have no say in the matter. If particular clothing items cannot be worn without being public indecency, the parent will have a higher say, but this is only effective if it is legally indecent, not an opinionated statement.

Curfew should also have an added hour if with two or more other people on a Saturday night. If the friends need a place to stay for the evening and there is no real reason why the friends cannot, the parents should be inclined to say that they can indeed stay the night, and spend time in the basement as to make noise, with no bed time. There should also not be punishment if plans change last minute and the teenager that belongs to the parents of which we refer to calls and states that they are now going to another place. The parents should be glad they do not have to listen to four teenage girls squealing at three in the morning.

Everyone should also have a choice in what they eat. If certain people want to eat rather repulsive brussle sprouts whereas others want broccoli with lemon juice, let those who request what they want eat what they choose. They should also be allowed the occasion fast food meal if it isn’t a risk for their health, for example if the subject teenager was obese or diabetic.

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Oscar, posted this comment on Jun 30th, 2009

Personally I think that too many teens are very irresponsible and spoiled to a life that they too often cannot continue in adulthood.
There is no free ride! And there shouldn’t be either.
If you will succeed in this life you must put forth a concerted
The parent should lead by example and the child should
follow in respect.
Individuality is an important part of American culture however, it should not be taken for granted but should be earned.

anonymous, posted this comment on Nov 25th, 2009

Your point is very true but if adulthood is full of many responsibilities then why not let kids enjoy their freedom while they are young ? they are free , happy and life is mainly about living !!! Enjoy yourself x parents definately lead by example but parents are wrong to, so the child , i think , should not just follow in respect, voice your opinion…….!

j, posted this comment on May 3rd, 2011

i like both of your comments they are very true, but i think the children should have fun, let them live their life, because i lived mine the way i wanted so i feel like why should u treat your child differently then when u was smaller and your parents always keeping you in the house, cant go with your friends or whatever children do now days

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